Get Your New Minicup Racecar!

If you are looking to get started in minicup racing, there is no better way than brand new.  You'll know the car has never been wrecked or abused, and there's nothing prettier than a new racecar.  Expect to pay around $8500 for a race ready car.  If this is more than you can afford, check out the "For Sale" link on the left to see the Internet's best used minicup classified section.  If you do have the cash for a new car, you will be sure your new ride is straight, fast, and good looking. 

New minicup racecars are manufactured by NC Chassis Company in Tallmadge, Ohio.  They call their minicup car a "Predator" chassis and you can buy one race ready or in kit form.  To visit the NC Chassis website, Click here

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