The Miniature Motorsports Racing Association is the largest minicup and Baby Grand sanctioning body in North America.  Click here to visit their website



Extreme Engine Systems offers top quality engines and is a supplier of sealed engines to MMRA, Florida Minicups, and California minicups.  Click here for their website.




The Arena Racing USA series promotes minicup races in the Norfolk, VA Scope Coliseum.    Click on the logo above to visit their website.



Vic Johnson, crew chief on the #22 Super minicup featured on the front page of has published a report to help people kick the smoking habit.  Vic learned from personal experience the damage smoking can do and he wants to help you avoid the same trouble.  Click here to learn more at his website -



If you should be unfortunate enough to use Affinity website hosting, it's likely you will someday have your website wiped out by incompetence.  If that happens, you'll be glad to find a great site - - this site can help you find old versions of your website which will help you rebuild.


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