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It’s easy to get involved in minicup racing because minicups race nationwide. The best thing to do is check out websites like this and then go visit a local track or two. The quickest way to learn at the track is to get down into the pits and talk to the local racers. These are the guys you will race with week in and week out if you decide to go racing. You’ll find that most are very friendly and would welcome you into the sport. As an "entry level" class, you'll find that there are a lot of "newbies" in the pits and they'll be glad to welcome you into the sport. 

Here's a shot of the pits at Old Dominion Speedway.  Looks like Winston Cup doesn't it?  The difference is you can afford to race minicups.

Thanks to Ron Edmonds for this excellent photo.





You will probably find a minicup dealer or two at the track. Try to get to know them because they'll be your best friend as you get started.  You'll have 1000 questions and they will probably know the answer to every one.  Still, if money is tight, you might want to consider buying a used minicup car. 

A brand new minicup car will probably cost between $8000 and $9000 from a dealer. If you find a used car for sale you will probably pay between $2000 and $4500. Buying used will not only save money up front, but it often means you get spare parts and supplies that would cost a lot if you had to buy them brand new. Remember also that brand new cars get "used" very quickly on the racetrack anyway.

If you need minicup parts, be sure to check out the Baby Grand website.  They have the best prices on minicup tires, wheels, and other parts and most everything is in stock ready for same day shipping.  To visit their parts page, click here.



Here are 10 reasons to choose minicup’s over other forms of racing

Safety – You have a full roll cage and body for protection similar to Winston Cup cars but you will be going less than half as fast. This combination means you shouldn’t have to worry about having your life disrupted by an injury.

Inexpensive – All racing is expensive but minicups are the lowest cost alternative short of go-karts – and even though go-karts may be cheaper up front, minicups have full bodywork for sponsors and you shouldn’t have to worry about spending time and money in the hospital (see #1 above).

Equality – Most all minicup racecars are manufactured by a small number of manufacturers.  As such, your car will be pretty much the same as everyone else's. You don’t have to worry that someone with more experience or money will be able to buy a faster car. In addition, rules limit the engine modifications so you can buy a front running engine for about $1,400 and that one engine will last all season.
Nationwide/Organized – The cars and rules are set nationwide by the MMRA and/or SRL so you can travel or move and still race competitively.
Value – You will get more racing per dollar with minicups. Once you have the car, there is very little maintenance necessary. You’ll spend more time racing and less working on the car.
Potential – Minicups look and feel like real race cars. You can use this to your advantage when approaching sponsors.
Future Stars – Minicups are the perfect vehicle for your son or daughter to get started in racing. MMRA has the Future Stars series with organized events and rules specifically for children.
Easy – Working on the car is easy enough for one person to handle. One person can even replace the engine unassisted. The single piece fiberglass body also makes bodywork simple for the novice.
Fun – You always wanted to go racing. You thought it would be fun. You were right – get moving!
Dealers – Chances are that there is a minicup dealer at your local minicup racetrack. Your dealer will be a tremendous help to you, especially when you are getting started. They will have the parts and supplies to keep you on track.  To get in contact with the dealer in your area who can point you in the right direction and help you get started, click here and fill out our information request form.
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