The 2002/2003 Arena Racing USA season debuted at the Norfolk, VA Scope Coliseum on November 9th with 32 beautiful new minicups, over 3000 screaming fans, and LOTS of local media attention.  Many of the big name late model racers from the area were in the field and their fans were in the stands.  In the end, the cream rose to the top as multi-time track champion and Taco Bell 300 winner Phil Warren outlasted and outdrove the "Top Dogs" to take the win in the final race.  Here are the finishing orders, photos, and videos from this historic event. 

Race Results


Qual. Heat 1 Qual Heat 2 Qual Heat 3 Qual Heat 4
Winner Travis Miller Mark Wertz Greg Edwards John Ferguson
2nd Erik Hall Kerry Gilbert Danny Edwards Doug Warren
3rd Travis Fortune Bobby Dean R.J. Davis C.E. Falk
4th Al Morgan Chris Kane Donnie Propst Jeremy Cook
5th Chris Tinsley Alan Rohanna Michelle Pearl Danny Christmas
6th John Pusey Barry Lynn Phil Warren Jay Archbell
7th Matt Hubbard   Daniel Hankin Ron Bennington
8th Sonny Tinsley   Jeanne Belike Nick Smith
  A Main B Main C Main Top Dog Race
Winner Mark Wertz C.E. Falk Phil Warren Phil Warren
2nd Danny Edwards Al Morgan Sonny Tinsley Danny Edwards
3rd Kerry Gilbert Chris Tinsley Ron Bennington Mark Wertz
4th Doug Warren Barry Lynn Ross Clements Chris Tinsley
5th Erik Hall Donnie Propst Daniel Harkin Sonny Tinsley
6th Travis Miller Michelle Pearl Matt Hubbard Kerry Gilbert
7th Bobby Dean Danny Christmas Jason Stewart C.E. Falk
8th John Ferguson R.J. Davis Jeanne Belike Ron Bennington
9th Greg Edwards Jeremy Cook Alan Rohanna  
10th Travis Fortune Chris Kane    


Video 1 - A view of pit road and the empty Scope Coliseum before things got rolling.
Video 2 - An early practice session with no bodies on the cars and then a shot of all cars on the track  for driver introductions - they'll never look this good again. . .
Video 3 - Green flag for the first main event race in the history of the series.
Video 4 - Good close racing between Mark Wertz (#2) and Danny Edwards (#40)
Video 5 - Race video taken from the stands - shows the speed of the cars.


Big deals like Arena Racing always start with a dream.  This was the dream of Ricky Dennis - pictured at right.  Here Ricky talks with Rob Nervo and Joe Coggin of NC Chassis company about the success of the new minicup chassis.
The portable minicup track sits on top of the permanent ice at the Scope.  This is before the crowds and cars arrive and get the show rolling.
Pit road was underground at the scope.  No one complained about the hot sun, or cold temperatures, etc.  The atmosphere felt very much like a car show.  Every car was brand new and beautiful - for a little longer.

There's lots more pictures from the Scope - Click here!

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